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Maison Jonquier

Almonds, Honey and Men

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The Almonds

Now days, France imports 90% of its needs in almonds. The Nougat Jonquier is made with Valencia type almonds from Spain. The Valencia almond is know to have a lot of flavour among pastry chefs and chocolatiers. Our White Nougat contains 40% of almonds and 60% for the Black Nougat.

Our Values

The Honey

The lavander honey used in the fabrication of our White Nougat comes from local beekeepers who place their hives in the Provence countryside. For the Black Nougat, we use orange tree honey and multi-flowers honey. Our supplier is the cooperative France Miel, an important actor of the apiarian sector.

Our Values

The Men

For more than 130 years, 6 generations of men and women of the Jonquier Family followed one another to maintain the tradition. Each of these generation were able to add a touch of innovation while respecting the company’s ethics.

Our History