Notre Histoire

Louis Jonquier (1821-1890), créateur du Nougat Jonquier.

Around the year 1860, lived in Ollioules (Var), Louis Jonquier (1821-1890), whose cute sin was greed. He was so greedy that it happened the evening with a pharmacist friend to work in a mortar of the honey and the sugar almond kernels.

This mixture, he added what has become his secret…

The years passed, the recipe was improved for the greatest happiness of their friends with the inhabitants of the district.

In 1885, Louis Jonquier, which was then manufacturer of candles, see electricity that starts to him make shadow. He therefore proposed to his son Jules to work on the development of a new activity. They will be the first nougatiers of the family.

Since then, the James House provided many families the delicious nougat entering in the composition of the thirteen desserts from the night of Christmas Eve. It is now a tradition, taken over by six generations, produce year-round, an incomparable nougat by its composition.

The secret of the Jonquier lies as much by the selection of the best honey and almonds of the year as the rigour of a still artisanal manufacturing process in copper cauldrons dating back to the creation of the factory.

La fabrication se fait dans des chaudrons qui datent de la création de la fabrique.
Victor Jonquier autour de la coupeuse.