Our Values

Our nougat is the result of a family tradition that we are sending six generations. The story begins with Louis Jonquier who decides to create its nougat for Christmas.

To delight the taste buds of his family, he puts all his heart and with patience he refines his recipe. Over the tests, he discovers a passion he chooses to share with his friends. In few words here is the birth of the Nougat Jonquier.

Since 130 years, our nougat is created with the same care as in its early days. We select our almonds with the greatest care in order to make our always also crunchy nougat. Honey comes from our Provencal hills to give it a taste always also singing. The production is performed in the same copper pots that date back to the creation of the factory.

This requirement of selection and creation is maintained in order to bring you a quality product that you can proudly share with your friends. You can say you know a small craftsman who works "at the old".

By perpetuating this tradition, we have made commitments compared with the past in now our recipe while knowing better it; allowing you to relive each year the tradition of the thirteen desserts and sharing beyond our region.

We are committed to the present by selecting quality products in our selection of almond and honey; allowing you to discover the creation of our as well nougat in the factory in our stores.

We are committed to the future by living the values of family and solidarity of our company, with our customers, suppliers and partners with whom we develop relationships.

These commitments we had them and we will take them to "try to make things better" (Louis Jonquier)