Hazelnut Nougat

8,00 TTC

Nougat Blanc tender with hazelnut

Knock, Knock, Knock… who is there in front of our factory? As we open the door a squirrel stands there holding in his arms a few hazelnuts. He tells us: “taste, taste, you will see how good this is, I eat it everyday.” This is a funny idea… mixing the hazelnut with our nougat Jonquier. However, we must acknowledge that sometimes Mother Nature is correct. A taste slightly more secret that the almond, it makes your nougat tastier. A true cloud of pleasure. 


Soft white nougats with hazelnuts

125g bar


Hazelnuts, sugar, glucose, honey syrup, Dextrose, waffer paper (potato starch, water, vegetable oil), pasteurized egg white, natural aroma of vanilla.


The bar is delivered to you in its plastic box.