The factory visit


We regularly organize visits from Monday to Saturday, for more information you can call 04 94 63 20 38

We offer a tour of our factory to come and discover our Provencal tradition we are sending 130 years. You can enjoy the development of nougat, produced historically attached to the thirteen desserts of Provence. Mix almonds and honey that gladdens the palate for 6 generations.


Bruno, Vincent and Benedict will be happy to share our art and our passion. Before your eyes, you will have the opportunity to understand our commitment to the values of craftsmanship and Tradition. A secular since heritage since 1885, our family produces nougat in Provence.

What will discover you?:

In order to perfect your knowledge, we will talk about during the visit the origins of Nougat. It is indeed good Gourmet who doesn't know the production of what he eats. If today you can discover the nougat in Provence, its history would have started in Rome!… or maybe it's Thase in Greece or well in the heart of Mesopotamia. From legend to reality, we will understand how this tradition was born.

Visit the Nougat

Since the hive and the orchard, we will also present the course of honey and almonds to help you discover the best our requirements in terms of quality. While referring to the transformation of the honeymoon, you will discover how we select our almonds.

To complete your visit while discussing, we will use the cauldron, the spatula and our hands to make under your eyes a nougat. The opportunity to discover our little family secrets that have made our great history.

We open these visits to all ages, so it is possible to come with friends, family, in Group (maximum 20 people). The city of Ollioules accommodate you easily since you will find free parking nearby.